Specializing in sophisticated invitations, Invitation Creations, LLC has accumulated a flourishing list of astute clients, making a name for itself among the refined brides in the Atlanta area.

With a customized, personal approach to all projects, Patricia has the ability to cultivate exceptional relationships with her clients so that her brides are comfortable collaborating with her and making selections that fulfill their needs.

Beginning with a free get-acquainted consultation, she gathers information about her clients’ tastes and then explores how they expect to celebrate their special day. Versatile samples ranging from elegant to luxurious are then created with regard to the bride’s unique vision and style of the event.

Invitation Creations, LLC has received tremendous response from its commencement in 2008 through today. The company’s preeminent attention to detail and client-oriented approach facilitates it to be one of today’s great custom invitation company.


My parents are from Peru, South America, both are physicians who came to this country in 1972. I was born in Augusta, Ga, and grew up in the small town of Athens, Ga. Though raised and still living in the South you would think I am a southern girl, but I’m really not. I look and act differently than most people from a small town and that was something that was rare. As a child, I hated being different. Against my wishes, my parents worked hard to instill in me and my brothers the cultural traditions of their country, so we could learn to appreciate our roots. It was really hard, because apart from my parents we didn’t have any role models, since all of our extended family lived overseas. But as I grew up, I found myself looking for all kinds of things unique, be it friends, clothes or jewelry, and after fighting being uncommon half of my life, somehow there was this seamless transition to embracing the unique aspects of my childhood and myself: I became enamored with everything that was anomalous! So, when it came to my own wedding, I wanted it to be inimitable in almost every aspect.

The only thing traditional was my white dress! Music, flowers, tablecloths, lanterns, favors and especially invitations had to be prominent. A few years back, square was really different for an invitation, and an invitation that wasn’t white was also quite rare… and really hard to find……so, I decided to create my own. I didn’t know it then, but I had fallen in love again and this time with the process of designing something unique and on paper…. And that was when I knew I had found my calling.

I left my comfort zone which was 12 years as a project manager at The Coca-Cola Company and founded my business. Because of my childhood I have embraced thinking outside the box and now I focus on bringing your style and vision in a unique way onto paper. Being different is what I am and not just what I do!


Fun Facts About me:

  • I am married and have two beautiful children
  • I built my own flash wedding website in 2005
  • I am deathly afraid of heights!
  • I love photography!
  • I love salty things like chips, olives and pickles!
  • I love to pop bubblewrap!
  • I love techy things!
  • Though I look like a Latina my Spanish is a little broken :p
  • I eat my sandwiches around the edges creating the “perfect” square
  • One thing on my bucket list is to travel to Egypt and see the pyramids

Photos courtesy of Kelly Lane Photography