Order Process

My process starts with the get-to-know-each-other consultation. We can have this consultation via phone, email or in the comfort of my home where I discuss all of the fun details like colors, themes, materials, and more. The length of the meeting will depend on the amount of detail/ customization required, but as an average the meeting should take between 60-90 minutes.

The second phase is the implementation of the design sample(s). This requires a non-refundable deposit and signing a Master Design Services Agreement (MDSA). This deposit will be applied to the total order upon placement. This process generally takes an average of three weeks (depending on how much detail is involved). As the creation comes to life, papers chosen at the design consultation are ordered and then unique elements (if necessary) are special ordered. When the sample(s) is/are completed, another meeting is scheduled to review and select the final sample. If there are scheduling or location conflicts, digital sample(s) is/are provided with pricing.

The third phase is production. Prior to sending the selected invitation in a digital format for your review, payment for 75% of your total is due. Once payment has been received, the digital invitation will be sent with three rounds of edits included in your design fee. Creating and editing this file should take a week or less as long as any specific wording or details are provided in a timely manner. Paper is ordered while edits are being made and can take up to two weeks to arrive. I would like a solid 3-5 weeks for the assembly phase especially in case of wedding invitations. (Add an additional two weeks if your wedding takes place in April, May, June or July. The remaining 25% is due SEVEN days prior to shipping or picking up. If you want me to mail the invitations to you, the additional shipping charge will be added to the cost.

I recommend mailing your invitations out 8 weeks prior to your event and having your initial meeting with meat least 2 months before mailing your invitations out.

Timelines for other events such as birthdays, showers, announcements, etc. will be determined at the initial meeting and are directly affected by the amount of detail and customization required.

I am able to take rush products on a case-by-case basis depending on production schedule and ordering timeframes. Typically, rush orders are jobs requiring anything less than 7 weeks turn-around time for weddings. Please contact me with your details.There may be rush fees associated with this which would be told to you upfront.